MegaGreen is a novelty in world

Natural, mineral and ecological means of improving growth and yield of vegetable crops and for their protection.
How to reduce the cost of irrigation in food production?
How to increase yields, and they get significantly better fruit?
How to increased natural resistance to plant?
The answer to all of your questions
Certified product that increases yields in organic production, and has excellent results in conventional agricultural production.

Applied as colloid solution in water, are sprayed in the morning and evening hours on: nurseries, orchard, playgrounds and similar crops.
Eco-biological means of improving growth and yield of vegetable crops and for their protection.
Natural mineral calcite with maritim origin manufactured by a patented nanotechnology in the EU.
Mineral fertilizer nourishment for leafy vegatable crops.
Increases the yield by 30%, saving water and to up 75%.
It contains net nano-sized particles, below the micron 10 (minus 9) and therefore gives value-added results.
For nurseries only 0,5% solution, are spray on the seedlings every 2 days.
Research studies and analysis

The aim of the research is to use MegaGreen to make a breakthrough in the production of healthy, rational and competitive food on the market.
In the research and analysis section, you will find reports on the results of microbiological analyzes from scientists at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, backed up with images and data.
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